White, non-mercury fillings have been around for a long time. At Dr. DiBartolomeo’s office, we stopped placing mercury silver fillings in back teeth in the late 1980’s and have been placing only white composite fillings since.

White composite fillings have many advantages, most importantly, they contain no mercury; also, being tooth-colored, they are cosmetic and unlike mercury silver fillings, they bond to the tooth. Yet, with all their advantages, current research shows that composite fillings are not lasting as long as mercury silver fillings.

Why is this beautiful, state of the art material not lasting as long as the old, ugly, mercury silver fillings?

Think about this, mercury silver fillings have been placed in teeth since the 1800’s. In 1908 G.V. Black designed the standard tooth preparation in which a mercury silver filling was to be placed. Not only is his basic tooth preparation still being taught in dental schools today BUT we are now using this old 1908 design to place our new, bonded, tooth-colored composites!

The Bioclear method, by Dr. David Clark, has scrapped this old system because it wasn’t getting the results we all desired. His newly designed tooth preparation takes advantage of the properties of bonded composite filling materials allowing dentists to preserve more of the tooth. His new design also reduces sharp angles that can cause failure of the tooth or filling or both. Combined with Dr. Clark’s uniquely designed matrices and new injection molding technique to make a stronger and less porous restoration, Bioclear has brought white composite restoration into the 21st century.

I have trained under Drs. David Clark and Jihyon Kim in Tacoma, Washington and have now incorporated the Bioclear system into our practice.

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Dr. Clark’s technique can be seen below:

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